Customization Service

We provide customized product. Part or all of the customized products are exclusive to the designated customer. We promise not to sell these customized products to others.

According to our negotiation, first of all, our engineers will complete all drawings, including those of optical system and mechanical structures. Before making any new molds, we will provide these drawings to our customer for final confirmation. Before making the mold, customer must transfer all the expenses to our designated account as our negotiation.

Maintenance Policy

The products of United Optics are manufactured according to a high quality standard, and will provide you with reliable services for many years under normal use. We guarantee that our products will be free from any manufacturing defects in technology and material within one year from the date of delivery.

For any manufacturing defects within one year after the products leaves the factory, we will be responsible for repairing these defective products free of charge, except in the case that the products are abused or disassembled. We can repair product or replace new products and send back to you as freight cost prepaid, and you only should do is send these defective products to Kunming City as freight cost prepaid, you can use your forwarder, but we suggest you can use our pointed forwarder for the returned shipment, as they are more familiar to China import regulation.

If the one-year warranty period has expired, you don't have to worry about your products, because we are happy to continue to provide you with maintenance service at reasonable price.