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United Optics is a fully integrated design, production and marketing manufacture, which was launched in 2003 by Mr. Kevin Zhou and Mr. Paul Wu, who both acquired more than 12 years optical manufacture experience. Thanks to an innovative Managing People Politics, an efficient Research and Development Team, as well as a rigid Quality Control Development and all skilled Workers, United Optics is becoming a remarkable actor in the world traditional optical industry.

United Optics is benefits from a particular location, the Kunming city, where is China most famous production and exports basis for binoculars, spotting scope, telescopes and other traditional optical products, there are many hardware parts suppliers, optical parts suppliers and molding plants, which including some jumbo states-owned factories, these factories have bended themselves to China military industry more than 50 years.

From the beginning, United Optics is dedicated to provide high quality and competitive OEM products to our customers. Based on traditional technologies and experience, we are continuously studying and absorbing new materials and new technologies in order to fulfill the different needs of our customers. Also, United Optics fully respect and protect the customer¡¯s proprietary technology and brand as we treat this point as the basis for any long-term cooperation, that is why we are winning more and more high reputation customers¡¯ trust to make so many customized products.

Our continuous hard efforts are raising, step by step, Kunming United Optics Corporation to be the most competitive optical OEM supplier. Seeing is believing, why do not try.

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